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Wedding planning

One of the top wedding photographers in kent

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task even for the most organised of people and sometimes things  aren't always black and white either.  Seeing as this is most probably your first time planning a wedding I thought i'd give you some of my suggestions for wedding day survival.

1) Pick a venue with lots of space

If people are able to spread out, everything will feel a lot more relaxed.  This doesn't have to mean that people will be spread out to thin as you can ensure key parts of the day are contained to certain parts of the venue and in turn keeping your guests together. If your venue is smaller you’ll find it harder to move from one place to the next without being stopped every few minutes for a chat, this can be a bit of a nightmare if you've got a weak bladder and your dashing for the loo!

Old Kent barn Wedding photography

2) Think carefully about timings

Timings are key on your wedding day, especially the available light. Its worth checking the times for sunset especially in the winter months and planning an earlier ceremony if the light starts to drop after 3pm for example. Drinks, canopies, group shots and naturally lit romantic portrait shots can take about and hour and half so please ensure your not chasing the clock on the big day to fit all of these in. Remember its your day and you don't want to be stressed out because your on a tight schedule.

Your wedding is all about you guys and you don’t need to have the whole rundown of wedding traditions  just for the sake of having them. Work out what’s important and do it your way.  I will be on hand to help put a detailed photography timeline together so we can make sure you make the most of the light for your photos and advise you as to how long things can take.

3) Limit the chaos

If the thought of a hotel room with 5 bridesmaids and your closest family popping in and out every 10 minutes fills you with dread then its best to either book a room adjacent to your bridal party so its just you and mum and the maid of honour for example this will limit interruptions and give you a calmer environment to enjoy while you get ready.

5)  Keep it manageable

Smaller guest numbers mean fewer people that you have to work around. 

If you do want a big wedding (80 guests plus) consider having a receiving line.  I know they’re a bit old fashioned but they are a nice way of making sure you’ve briefly said hi to everyone on the day.  Set the line up before your guests go through for the wedding breakfast or just have everyone upstanding for when you guys enter the room and save the hugs and hellos till later. 

wedding photography kent photographer-23.JPG

7) Don’t worry about your guests

Your guests came to celebrate with you and will come to you throughout the course of the day for a hug, kiss and a chin wag. They will be chatting to each other, dancing and eating and drinking the place dry so try not to rush around saying hello to everyone and not find the time for you, it can be a busy day that passes by so quickly!

8)  To speak or not to speak?

Public speaking isn't for everyone and I see more and more couple skipping the tradition of speeches. You can always download an image from your gallery afterwards and get some nice thank you cards made to thank your guests for coming. 

Creative wedding photographer in kent

9) Skip the first dance

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day and if you have two left feet like me probably the part your going to dread the most! If the thought of 100 pairs of eyes on you while you shuffle the two step around the dance floor fills you with dread, you could kick off the dancing by getting your whole bridal party on the dance floor.  If you have a few friends who can really chuck some shapes it might be worth bribing them with a few Jager bombs to get the dance floor warmed up before your 1st dance. 

winters barns wedding photography

10) Grab 10 minutes for you

 If you get the chance grab your partner and take a walk for 10 minutes, its a great way to take it all in and share the moment.