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Relax and enjoy the day

award winning wedding photographer steve barber in kent

Relax and enjoy the day 

natural wedding photography steve barber photography

We all put so much effort into creating the perfect wedding day but realistically this never goes to plan, unpredictable weather and human error are without a doubt the most common. With this being said I can't stress enough how important it it that couples do there best not to get too caught up in the perfect dream day and enjoy it for what it is. Over the years I have seen countless hiccups on the big day and one particular moment stands out when a couple panicked during their 1st dance because they had forget the dance steps they have been taught for that extravagant 1st dance waltz, this resulted in a bit of a panic instead of a natural intimate moment being shared by a new married couple. 

Natural wedding photography medway

For me its all about those in-between moments that will stay with you and are are what makes your wedding yours. You could call them the bits that make us human. Your dad getting up to dance after a few beers trying to pull off the robot moves, the best man reaching for his hit flask at the speeches because of the nerves,  your husband to be shedding a tear as your children are up at the front with a reading during the ceremony.

Natural wedding photography in chilham kent

A wedding is made up of untold moments you might forget about without the photographs so i like to make sure my approach to wedding photography is to focus on telling your story.  From the crazy to the in between.  From the key moments to the funny faces pulled while your friends take a selfie.