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Natural wedding photography without flash

A detailed guide to using natural light to produce stunning wedding photographs without the use of flash.

Natural wedding photography without flash

Natural light used for wedding photography is a perfect approach to produce stunning natural images. The soft light available from windows and well exposed backdrops can provide all that is necessary to deliver amazing shots. I believe this approach is so much more appealing than harsh light from camera flash.  I have provided some advice to making the right decision when hiring the right photographer for you, who will provide you with memories you will treasure forever.

winters barns wedding photography

There are many key advantages when capturing photographs without the use of flash. For example:

  • The photographer becomes less noticeable when taking photographs.
  • The photograph can be captured without changing the scene or facial expressions of the people being photographed.
  • Flash can cause the subject to shut their eyes or reveal the photographers position and in turn result in less natural behaviour.
  • Helps the photographer to become invisible amongst guests.
  • More atmosphere is captured in the photograph especially dance floor photos.
  • More realistic representation of the actual scene.
  • Higher contrast in the photography.
The knowle wedding photographers kent

An inexperienced photographer may use flash unnecessarily and can be very intrusive especially at the photography during the wedding ceremony. Let’s face it nobody wants to be distracted from one of the most important parts of the wedding day. It’s important to make sure your photographer has professional equipment able to cope with low light situations. In particular the camera body should have excellent ISO capability and any Lenses used should allow light in to the lens at apertures as low as 2.8 -1.8.

leeds castle wedding photographers