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Love your photos

award winning photography in rochester, kent

Love your photos

We believe in a need to be perfect on our wedding day, I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say they don't like the way they smile or their arms look too big, these things are all going to be photographed all day, on your wedding day so its really important to accept this and be yourself on the day, being comfortable in front of the camera is also a huge factor and so an experienced photographer will be able to one tell if you are in need of a little guidance and two apply some techniques that will get the best out of your wedding photography.  If you can let go, relax and enjoy your wedding day them without a doubt its going to show when you look back through your photos. 

wedding photographer in canterbury

You’ll be a little different because of the way you feel while your wedding pictures are being taken but you will ooze happiness and sunbeams will burst out of your face because you’ll be having an awesome time, surrounded by all of your favourite people.

A good wedding photographer will capture all of that and more.  When you look back at your wedding pictures they should take you right back into each moment that they capture so try to remember that literally no one is looking at the negative points you might be hiding in the closet but you.

winters barns wedding photograher

The best way to love yourself in your wedding pictures is to look at the bigger picture.  Make sure you have THE BEST time at your wedding.  Enjoy every moment and smile.  Let go of your expectations, forget about the day being perfect in every way and BE HAPPY :)