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Going against the grain

Looking for a wedding photographer with a creative style in kent

Going against the grain

Wedding traditions vary between cultures and as a wedding photographer I have been lucky enough to be witness to some incredible moments from a traditional african engagement to weddings without any of the traditional elements at all.   

So what is a traditional wedding day? I guess this varies on an individuals outlook, to work out what parts of it are meaningful or important to them as a couple. So from opposite sex to same sex marriages and from the traditional to the more creative, heres a bit of a breakdown of what I've seen over the years as a Kent wedding photographer.  

The proposal

Its great to hear something a little different when you hear people talk about popping the big question. I guess in western cultures its traditional for the man asks the brides father for his blessing before he asks the question but this isn't always the case as some girls have proved when they decide to buck the trend and ask the question themselves. A proposal can range from the super simple to the elaborately planned.

The wedding outfit

Just like fashion today wedding outfits vary from the traditional suit and tails to a more sophisticated look with a dinner suit and tie. Over the last few years wedding dresses seem to have shifted from satin towards a lace finish, although the traditional choice of colour still remains as white or a shade of cream for most brides. 

Bridal parties can be equally diverse with pastel colours being very popular right now and for the boys i've seen blue or tweed suits, braces and bow ties become more and more popular. It doesn't have to be traditional on the day so if you fancy making a statement or just want something that makes the day a little more unique then why not buck the trend and go against the grain.

light house chapel wedding photographer

Being given away

Its not always possible to have dad walk you down the isle if your looking for a more traditional wedding ceremony so for whatever reason this may not be possible there are other options that may work for you on the big day. I shot a wedding for a fantastic couple at Soltan Manor in dover last year, unfortunately the brides father had passed away a few years earlier so the brides mother had decided to have  some of his ashes made into a sweet little charm that could be tied to the bouquet, what a beautiful idea and one which added huge sentiment to her walking down the isle with dad still by her side.

Alternatively you could ask a good friend or sibling to take this role or just buck the trend and walk down the isle together!

Bridal party

In most cases these guys are your closest friends and family and theres no reason why your ushers have to be male and bridesmaids have to be female. Its your day so why not mix it up and let your best friend if they are female to take on the job of best woman.

The speeches

Traditionally the father of the bride, groom and best man will step up to deliver a heart felt speech or a few words of wisdom. It's a great part of the day but not for everyone if public speaking isn't for you, why not have an open mic session, where friends and family are invited up to say a few words. 


Totally fun and never gets old! I think we all love confetti, It looks awesome in your photos so make sure you have loads of it! traditional biodegradable petals or dried flower petals look good but if you want to up the ante then invest in a few confetti cannons and turn the sky into a crazy show of colour.

As an alternative you could use bubbles or get hands on with some D.I.Y ribbons on sticks like Pete and Alex did and ask your guests to wave them alike mad as you walk the aisle.

woodland weddings kent

1st dance

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day. You can really mix this one up with a traditional two step dance as a couple or jazz it up with some secret dance lessons like Maerii and Neil did.

chilham village hall wedding photography

So there you go a few ideas on the traditional or alternative to help make the day your own.