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Church Weddings

Some of the best wedding photography in the kent area can be found within the galleries of steve barber photography  

Church Weddings

church wedding photography maidstone

Church weddings are some of my favourites! the amazing buildings and their history to name but a few, they do however sometimes apply different rules to a civil ceremony wedding. I think its really important you get to see the factors that may affect your photography when getting married in church.

In most cases the battle we face as wedding photographers is the strict limitations on movement and flash photography while the ceremony takes place. These restrictions vary from one church official to the next so its worth asking the question on how the photography during the ceremony will be affected if at all based on the church officials outlook to photography. In most cases I am told not to use flash and to limit my movement during the ceremony  and in some extreme cases not been able to take any pictures after the bride has arrived at the alter to the time the register is being signed, this was a rare instance and a real shame but once again varies from one official to the next.

From my couple’s perspective I know it’s disappointing. They have often been told photography is fine, only for me to be told something different. My couples invest in their wedding photography so it’s a real shame for them if they’re unable to have a record of the most important part of the day.

church wedding photography in rochester

So after taking the above into consideration what can be done? Well if you’re one of my couples its worth having a good chat with your vicar.  Explain my approach to them and ask whether it will clash with their policies. It’s also worth letting them know that I don’t use flash during the ceremony providing there is enough available light from windows and indoor lighting.

If in rare situations your dream church wedding is going to be affected by a zero photography policy or i'm restricted to the back of the church and photography will be greatly affected its time to reconcile yourself with the fact that you won’t get comprehensive coverage of the ceremony.

So if your dream has always been to have a church wedding just be sure to check out the church policy on photography so you can decide if its going to work for you on the big day.