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Choosing your Wedding Bouquet

A detailed guide to choosing your dream wedding bouquet by One of Kent's top wedding  Photographers Steve Barber.

Choosing your wedding bouquet

Flowers are a great way to make a bold personal statement on your wedding day, especially your bouquet.

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Generally your room decoration and wedding style will influence the design of your bouquet. If you visualise the overall theme and style of your wedding, the perfect flower choice will jump out at you. I would always advise you to do some research and gather some ideas from social media sites such as Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook. You will find stacks of images and inspiration you could  take to your florist to guarantee a productive consultation.

Your bouquet should complement your personality, figure, and style of dress. Try to provide the florist with a photo of your dress dress and, if possible, a swatch of fabric. Details like the ribbon on the bouquet can be matched to a swatch to help pull the design together.

button holes and bouquets

Another way to personalize your bouquet is to choose flowers that are expressive of your backgrounds and beliefs. A personal favourite of mine are daffodils. You may want to replicate your bouquet similar to how your mother of grandmother did so or why not go totally bespoke and design something that holds special meaning to you.

Through my years in the wedding industry the most popular bouquets have been simple elegant white flowers. I’m sure this represents some form of purity and fresh new beginnings and from my point of view will always look great in your wedding photographs.

If you choose to have bouquets for your bridesmaids. The bridesmaids' arrangements will often coordinate with those of your own bouquet. These are usually slightly smaller in size. It’s important to try to make these slightly different so they don’t all blend together in your photos. It doesn’t need to be expensive to make changes either, I have seen subtle differences applied such as the colour of the ribbon used to help draw the eye.    

Whatever style you decide to choose for your wedding bouquet allow it to represent you personally, It will be a focal centre point for many of your wedding photos.