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Choosing your Florist

A detailed guide to choosing a wedding florist who will be able to deliver on one of the biggest days of your life! by One of Kent's top wedding Photographers Steve Barber.

Choosing your wedding florist

Like all wedding professionals, a creative florist will be able to offer great advice on how to create a wedding style that’s personal to you.

Selecting flowers can be a difficult task, so it is essential to hire the right florist. Because bouquets and flowers are such an integral part of a wedding, my advice is to firstly find a florist whose work you love and give them a call making sure that they understand what you want. Be sure to choose a florist that specializes in weddings and appreciates the scale of the occasion.

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Finding a great florist

Wedding floristry in particular are time and labour intensive projects. You can begin researching florists and generally you will want to reserve your florist 6 months to a year in advance. Allow even more time if the florist is very popular, or if you're marrying during high season (June through to October). The location of your ceremony will influence the number and size of your floral displays, so it’s a good idea to have your wedding location already booked to begin planning for your flower arrangements.


It’s important to set a budget of how much you want to spend. Be honest and you will save yourself a lot of grief if you know your bottom line. Not only will it make it easier for the florist to help you, but also by declaring your budget from the outset, you can be sure you will not get carried away with ideas suggested by the florist. It will help bring along pictures from Pintrest, Facebook and Instagram illustrating your ideas.

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Find out when your flowers will be delivered, and if there is an extra charge for this service. Most florists will build this into the total price of the assignment. If possible make sure the price includes the supplier to stay to arrange the flowers at the ceremony and reception locations. It would be wise to see if you can use the flowers from the ceremony at the reception as well which will save you on additional arrangements at the reception venue.


In recent years I have seen many styles of room decoration but it’s the bouquets which seem to be setting the trends. Oversized bouquets extravagantly covered in jewels seem to be the recent trend and I’m sure this will revert back to the more simple elegant bouquet that speaks for itself without all the bells and whistles. Whatever your preference a reputable florist will be able to create you a masterpiece!  

mount ephraim wedding photography

The Venue

It’s a big plus if your florist has done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception venue before. He or she may have pictures of arrangements done at the venue and will be knowledgeable about sizes, shapes, and colours that work in the venue. If your florist hasn’t worked your site before, photos of the ceremony and reception locations will be helpful if you can provide these at your meeting.

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Hiring your florist

So you've found the perfect florist and you're happy with the package they have put together. Before you sign on the dotted line, be sure all the details are in writing, including total costs and payment schedules, the deposit, and when it's due, your first choice for flowers and unacceptable substitutes if there is an issue. Although a contract may seem unnecessary, this step actually protects the florist as well as yourself. With the amount of decisions you are making, no one wants to be held responsible if certain details are forgotten.

It’s a great idea to meet with your supplier at the ceremony and the reception venues. Try to obtain floor plans. This is a great way for your florist and other suppliers such as your photographer to get a good idea of the layout and most will offer you great advice for cake placement and the band which can help you create great photo opportunities. Also at this time, find out about any decorating restrictions at either of these locations. For example, many churches do not allow anything to be placed on the altar or pews and is they do items must only be hung and not attached by fixings. Ask the contact what time your florist is able to get into the venue to set up before the ceremony.