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Kent wedding photographer prices by steve barber photography

Your wedding photography is a life time investment to be enjoyed and shared with your family and friends, its one of the most significant days of your life and one you won't ever get to repeat. I believe that your wedding photography should be treasured in the finest way possible, I'm super pleased to be able offer you an incredible range of keepsakes tailor made to suit your taste!

Art Albums

Art Albums are very popular and a great way to display your wedding photos in a storybook fashion. Albums have a printed hard back cover finish and are 13 x 10 inches in size, housing 30 pages of art paper allowing you to choose a maximum of 100 images when designing your album. 

Fine Art Albums

The finest quality finish and bespoke design choices make these albums very popular with couples looking for that personal touch. These albums open out flat with an 'invisible crease' so you dont lose any print space and you can even have one large image across both pages without loosing anyone in the crease of the book. Choose from either a 20 or 30 page album, a range of leathers silk and cotton cover finishes and engrave your names and date on the front cover to give it that finishing touch. Available in 10 x 10 or the largest 12 x 12 size with 200gsm traditional fine art paper as standard. Its beautifully presented, protected in a cotton bag and kept safe in its own bespoke box. 

Duplicate 6 x 6 albums are also available for family and friends. These duplicate books boast the same quality paper and finish at the fine art albums including a wide range of cover options in the essential, bold and pastel  fabrics range. 

Luxury Fine Art Matted Albums - 

If only the best is good enough then look no further! Just like caviar and champagne the Luxury Matted albums deliver another level of  quality that will blow your mind. The first thing you will notice as you peel back the layers when unboxing this handmade album is the sheer weight of the book, each page is hand mounted and your images are printed on the most unique 300gsm gallery pearl paper, delivering amazing colour contrast with deep blacks and a gorgeous pearl finish.

This Luxurious album is available with either a 20 or 30 page spread and boasts a huge range of leathers, silks and cotton cover finishes and front cover engraving as standard. 

This album is made to last a life time and just like the fine art albums it's presented and protected in a cotton wrap thats tied with a tailored ribbon and kept safe in its own bespoke box. 

Trio Wedding Showcase

Guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face and one of my favourite ways to show off your amazing photos is with a Trio wedding showcase. Stylish and with a timeless finish your images will be printed on the most luxurious 300gsm gallery pearl paper, delivering amazing colour contrast with deep blacks and a peal finish and of course mounted to give them that touch of class, to finish it off you get to choose from a range of cotton covers and display variations.    

*USB Wedding Showcase

The ideal thank you gift for close family and friends. The USB wedding showcases boasts front cover engraving and presents all the images from your big day in a very stylish two page duo showcase. Choose from a range of cotton covers and then select an image to be printed on luxurious 300gsm gallery pearl paper and then mounted for that classy finish, the second page is home to a USB stick with all your images in both hi and low resolution formats.

*Print Pack Bundles - 

Print pack bundles are very popular and the perfect way to display your wedding memories on the wall at home. Simply choose 6 of your favourite images to be printed on our fine art paper which is then board mounted for that timeless finish. Print bundles are available in three sizes ranging from  7 x 5, A4 and A3. 

Vintage Framed Canvas Prints

If you want to really treasure one of your favourite photos then a fine art canvas print set in one of these handmade recalimed timber frames will be a must. Available in either vintage white or antique brown and 3 different size frames.  

Each frame goes through a process to enhance and encourage the worn nature, natural patina, texture and character of the reclaimed wood meaning that each frame will be completely unique. Your image is printed on a heavyweight canvas and then protected from dust and UV light with a water based fine art varnish.